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Same method happened. I had two more chapters called Kandams opened which had to do with reducing the problems. I was asked to visit certain temples in kumbakonam, about kms from Chennai. I did that and surprisingly without telling the priest, when the puja was performed, they mentioned something to this affect , "XYZ has come to apologise for his previous birth sins as advised to him by naadi shastra". I had made no communication at the temple , as I dont speak Tamil nor was I carrying any identification of naadi shastra on me. Any resposes of the people who say that this Nadi Sastra is crap?

I am sure that I am not an important enuf person for anyone to follow me all the way for kms. Source s : www. Add a comment. Asker's rating. Nadi Astrology. This Site Might Help You. It is based on comparing thumbprints with ancient religious texts. History According to Ancient Indian myth, thousands of years ago sages had the power to look in the past and future of the entire universe, and recorded the future of people who were living or going to live. There are different schools of thought as to the author. Some say that they were written by Lord Vinayaka who is the Hindu god worshipped at the start of each and every work.

About Nadi Jyotish

Others claim that they were written down by different saints, who had divine revelations, on palm leaves olzha. Some of the saints were Agasthiya, Brighu, Kausika and Brahma. This school of astrology was made famous by astrologers around the Vaitheeswaran Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu. The language of choice for the saints was Vatta Ezhuthu, which is an ancient script of the Tamil language. The predictions were written in verse and are subject to interpretation. This is an art passed down the years from one generation to the other. It is said that these predictions were made for all human beings who have lived or will ever live but then a lot of the manuscripts have been destroyed or lost.

Very few remain in existence now. Method Astrologers take the prints of the palm of the right thumb of a male and left thumb of a female and, after some time during which they search for matching scripts whereupon the subject will be asked by a said name whether it is theirs or not.

If they say yes then the astrologer will be saying their father's name, and if they nod your head saying that it's true they will be told their whole life history from birth, including past, future, major aspects of their life such as marriage, luck etc. The details that are present in the readings are pretty extensive and are said to include names, dates and events from the life of the person requesting the reading.

After reading so many scripts above, I am not convinced if they went to the right Nadi Astrologer. I had been to Kochu Kanjipuram Little Kanjipuram which is a very small village and I met the Nadi person who revealed the most accurate past and the future and provided mw with an audio tape which I still have. It was shocking when he told me may parents name, brothers and sisters, my date of birth and time even.

I did not know the correct date of time so I called up my mother and asked which was so accurate. Srivilliputtur is the big city located near Saduragiri. For thousands of years, realized sages and siddhars lived there worshipping the Siva Linga called " Sundara Mahalingam ". Ramadevar or Uromarishi or Yacob Siddhar is a great siddhar who occupies a distinct and significant part in the Tamil Siddha Medicine System for his discoveries in all the spheres of Siddha Science.


An eminent thinker and lively researcher, was well known for his simple usage of Tamil language to describe extraordinary concepts in Siddha Science. Bogar in his biographies about Siddhas says, he was born in a Brahmin family. The guru of Ramadevar Siddhar is the great Siddhar Pulasthiyar. After entering into the world of Siddha science, Siddhar Ramadevar by the dint of his deep meditation techniques awakened his kundalini energy. He succeeded in bringing the energies through the chakras up to the crown and united with the Divine for long. He attained perfection in Attama Siddhis and said to have performed many miracles called Jaalam in Tamil.

Kudambai is one of the female Siddha of the 18 Siddha traditions who are known for their affiliation to great works in medicine, alchemy, philosophy, religion. She, attained soruba samadhi in Mayavaram or Mayil-aadu-durai. Mayavaram in Tamil means, a place for deathless boon.

As this lady attained Immortality or soruba samadhi here. Mayavaram is also known as Mayil-aadu-durai meaning, a place where the peacock dance in ecstasy.

Peacock is a symbol of Lord muruga. Here by the grace of Lord Muruga kudambai attained Immortality. Karuvoorar Siddhar was born in a place called Karuvoor of the then Chola Kingdom, what is now called as Karur. Some consider that, he is also called as Karuvoor Devar.

Nadi astrology - Wikipedia

Some postulate that Karuvoorar Siddhar should have been born to a family of Sthapathis or idol architects. He is from the region of Thiruvannamalai. In Thiruvannamalai, he is worshipped as Fire element. His exact era of living is not known precisely yet. But it seems he was born on some time back in 2nd — 3rd century BC and he lived for around years. Also, he seems to be from Yadhava One of the oldest Indian community from which Lord Krishna was born community by seeing his profession and most of his songs.

He is one among the seven disciples whom thirumoolar transcended his knowledge.

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Valmiki is one of the 18 yoga siddhas. He was initiated by the great sage Narada. He has attained samadhi at Ettikudi. Pathanjali is one of the 18 yoga siddhas. By resonating with the energy a specific vortex, your past unfavourable karmic energy signature gets retuned and your being gets rerouted back to a right path. Most often these energy vortices are temples in India. However, depending on the nature of your karma needing to be remediated, churches, mosques and other specific locations are on occasion prescribed.

The performance of the listed remedies negates the residual effects of your past actions and allows you to progress with your ambitions in this lifetime.

Yogic powers called Siddhis are acquired by constant practice of certain yogic disciplines. Those who acquire these Siddhis are called Siddhas. Siddhars are people who are believed to control and transcend the barriers of time and space by meditation Yoga , after the use of substances called Rasayanas that transform the body to make it potentially deathless, and a particular breathing-practice, a type of Pranayama. Through their practices they are believed to have reached stages of insight which enabled them to tune into the powers hidden in various material substances and practices, useful for suffering and ignorant mankind.

Typically Siddhars were saints, doctors, alchemists and mysticists all at once. They wrote their findings, in the form of poems in Tamil language, on palm leaves which are collected and stored in what are known today as Palm leaf manuscript, today still owned by private families in Tamil Nadu and handed down through the generations, as well as public institutions such as Universities all over the world. Sri Agathiyar. It is believed that sage Agasthiyar was instrumental in spreading the Vedic religion in southern India.

Agastya is also recognized as one of Seven Great Sages Saptarishis. Sage Agasthiyar has also contributed immensely to the four Vedas. Agasthiyar is also the leader of all Siddhas. He is also called Kurumuni, meaning short kuru saint muni. He is said to have lived for over years, and that one of his medicinal preparations, Boopathi Kuligai, is so powerful that it can even bring the dead back to life.

Two of his students and disciples were Therayar and Tholkappiar.